Sikkim State Lottery Result 1PM Morning 26.5.2024 Today Live Result

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Sikkim State Lottery Result 1PM Morning

26th May 2024

1PM Result

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad

Sikkim State Lottery
Lottery Name Sikkim state lottery
State Name Sikkim State
Today Lottery Name Dear Loving Morning
Draw Date Today 9th August 2022
Draw Time 1PM Morning
Draw Number 28th Draw
Ticket Price 6 INR
Result Website Sikkim State Lottery
Result Website
Result Status Waiting/Available
1st Prize 1 Crore

Sikkim State Lottery Result 11:55 AM Morning 18.7.2022 Lottery Sambad


Sikkim State Lotteries
Sikkim State Lotteries
Days Sikkim State Lotteries 11:55 AM
Saturday Sikkim State Lottery Dear Loving Morning
Friday Sikkim State Lottery Dear Sincere Morning
Thursday Sikkim State Lottery Dear Faithful Morning
Wednesday Sikkim State Lottery Dear Kind Morning
Tuesday Sikkim State Lottery Dear Tender Morning
Monday Sikkim State Lottery Dear Gentle Morning
Sunday Sikkim State Lottery Dear Affectionate Morning

Check Free Sikkim State Lottery Result

We can envision the interest level of the players that have bought the tickets for the Lottery Sambad outcome today 11:55 AM and so are currently waiting for its outcomes. Now you can assess your tickets on our site. Don’t be drifting on the world wide web, simply keep us bookmark for the fastest and latest pdf benefits.

You ought to be aware of the component of the game which players of lottery Sambad can play with the lotto on the internet. The very best aspect of this game is you can play the lotto. Simply remember that, paying lottery Sambad might be prohibited in your area. Since the Sikkim state of India is illegal for the online lottery and games.

The prize structure for the Sikkim State Lottery Sambad

One ticket costs Rs 6. The first prize winner will be eligible to claim Rs 50 Lakhs. The second prize winner can claim Rs 9,999, the third prize holder Rs 500, and the fourth prize holder Rs 250. The winner of the 6th prize can also claim Rs 120. A consolation prize worth Rs1000 is available to multiple participants. Today’s Sikkim Lottery results were posted at 11.55 AM on the official website.

Sikkim State Lottery winners Prize List Below

First Dear Morning Lottery winner 2.5 Lakh INR
Second Dear Morning Lottery Winner 9000 INR
Third Dear Morning Lottery Winners 500 INR
Fourth Dear Morning Lottery Winners 250 INR
Fifth and Final Dear Morning Lottery Winners 150 INR

We know you are eager to check the result and wish to ensure are you not or today’s lotto winner. So today don’t need to wait anymore for the Sikkim state lottery result now 11:55 AM. It is already uploaded and shared on this site.

What is Sikkim State Lottery?

Sikkim State Lottery is the one of the most trusted lottery in west bengal or sikkim state, we know that lottery is played in the 13 state of india and this is the most trusted lottery and this lottery played daily at 11:55am and live from 12 pm and the results are reflected at 12:10pm

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Sikkim state lottery live

Sikkim lottery players, you are blessed to check that the Sikkim state lottery result am first on this website. We’ve included the link for the Sikkim state lottery result am. It’s in PDF file’s form and can be simply downloaded from the link that is . Below is the link.

Since they declared by the Sikkim state, We’re working hard to bring up to you and fast results. Today is another day for the players to test their luck. Don’t be desperate and begin fitting your tickets with all the amounts. Check it if you haven’t checked the Sikkim state lottery result now 11:55 am. The Sikkim state lottery result now 11:55 am only a few minutes ago has been declared by the Sikkim government. We are the first who brought you the outcome.

Sikkim’s “Dear Sincere Morning” lottery is a very popular weekly lottery that’s held every Tuesday. The face value of the ticket is Rs 6. The first prize is worth Rs 50 lakhs. The second prize is Rs 9000. The third prize is Rs 500. The fourth prize is Rs 250. The fifth prize is Rs 120. These prizes are awarded to lottery ticket holders who have matching serial numbers. There is also a Rs 1,000 consolation prize. The draw for Tuesday’s weekly lottery, ‘Dear Sincere Morning’, will take place at 11.55 am.


Q&A on Sikkim State Lottery

How do I play the Sikkim State Lottery?

Sikkim State Lottery – This is an offline based lottery game. The result of every lottery game is posted daily here.

How to claim sikkim lottery state lottery

If you want to claim the prize money then please download the claim from from the officaal website named as

What is the Lottery Swabad?

Lottery Sambad refers to the Daily Lottery Draw that is run by Sikkim or Nagaland State Govts.

What is the 1st Lottery Sambad Prize Money?

The 1st Prize money amount is Rs.1crore

How do you buy a Lottery Sambad Ticket ticket?

To buy tickets, interested candidates need contact shop owners.

Who manages Lottery Sambad

The State Governments for Sikkim & Nagaland run the Lottery Samba.

Who prints Lottery Sambad ticket tickets?

L S Publications is the Kolkata printer of Lottery Sambad Tickets.

How can you buy Lottery Sambad tickets online?

There are many ticket buying sites online.

Is Lottery Sambad legal or illegal?

Yes. Lottery Sambad can be legalized in some Indian states.

Who can participate at Lottery Sambad draw

You can play in the Lottery Sabad draw from anywhere.

Can I purchase Sikkim lottery ticket online?

Sikkim State lotteries dear 500 Monthly lottery 2020 is out there you’ll pip out from PAYTM/PAYUMONEY/Google Tez/Phone Pe and from our website online. MRP is Rs 500, and Rs90 are our postal and packing charges. You will not be charged any additional postal charges if you buy 4 tickets.

What is the best time for Lottery Sambad to check its result?

The Lottery Sabad Results timings for the Lottery Sambad are 11:55 AM – 4 PM – 8 PM

How do you check the Lottery Samantha Morning Result.

Lottery Sambad Morning will have a pdf link available on its official website every day at 12:20AM. These results will also be published on this website.

How to check the Lottery Sabad Evening Result

Lottery Sambad Evening 4 pm result pdf link will be accessible on the official website at 4:00 AM Every Day. These results will also be published on this website.

How can you check the Lottery Samuelbad Night Result

Lottery Sambad Night 8 pm result pdf link will become available on the official website at 8:20AM Every day. These results will also be published on this website.

Is it possible to buy Sikkim lottery ticket online

Sikkim State lotteries dear 500 Monthly lottery 2020 is out there you’ll pip out from PAYTM/PAYUMONEY/Google Tez/Phone Pe and from our website online. The MRP is Rs500 and Rs90 are our postal and packing charges. … lottery tickets will be sent via post to your postal address.

Is Sikkim the real Sikkim lottery?

The Sikkim State Lottery provides The Bigwin Jackpot Special and Jackpot Special schemes, along with the Derby Weekly Scheme. It also offers three Puja Bumper draw options. There has been no blanket ban so lotteries such Sikkim State Lotteries (and Nagaland Lotteries) are legally still legal. The estimated value of lotteries is Rs 1.2 billion

How do I purchase a dear lottery ticket online

Punjab State lotteries Dear 500 Monthly lottery 2020 is out there you’ll pip out from PAYTM/PAYUMONEY/Google Tez/Phone Pe and from our website online. The MRP for Rs 500 is the postal and packing fees.


Please fill in the form clearly with the Name of your claimant, Address of the Lottery, Prize amount and Contact Number. Also, bank details such checking account number, IFSC code and Name of Bank and Branch should be included. 3.

Who can participate in Sikkim lottery

Lotteries are open to all Indian residents, provided that they’re at least 18 years old. Playing online is possible if you have an internet connection. Many web lotteries can also be played on mobiles or tablets.

Friends if you are facing any problems to get the Sikkim State Lottery morning result then please contact us or comment down below

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